Day by Day…everyday is different in the life of a Dyslexic, in the life of a parent, in the life of us all.  We need to take each day and prepare our hearts in order to help make a difference in the lives of others.

It’s funny how things work out and how your place of comfort and love can be a place of anxiety and fear.  It’s funny how, Captain Underpants, can become your place of comfort and joy.

It has been way too long since my last post and there are no excuses…just life moving way too fast trying to enjoy the moments.  It wasn’t until this past weekend with Everlee I had a moment of clarity, a moment where I was reminded more of her everyday struggle.  We went to the library (finally) and Everlee was so excited to check out a few books, one of them being Captain Underpants.  It’s not my version of a classic, but it is a book she enjoys to read.  She was so proud of herself and spent the weekend wrapped in her books.  It wasn’t until we headed to church on Sunday, a typical place of comfort and love, when she suddenly struck by fear, anxiety, and tears.  I have never seen Everlee so anxious. Anxious to the point where she was making herself sick.  Turns out, she was afraid of the bible, afraid to read the words, afraid to be called on to answer questions.  Scary to think how things can change so quickly, how they can change in a day.

We talked about not being afraid and to just keep believing.  This is something we can all try and remember.  We are worthy, we are accepted, we are approved.  We are becoming who we have been made to be.  There is no need to ever be ashamed.  We can only do our best and don’t withhold anything.  We need to live as though we are approved and not someone who needs to be proven.

Everlee has a new bible, one which we are reading daily to help with understanding, it’s not quite Captain Underpants but she is now more comfortable in a place where she loved.  It’s funny how things can change day by day.  I suppose this is why they say to take it just One Day at a Time.