It has been several months since I have sat down and actually focused on my blog….a lot has happened, a lot has changed, and in some areas, a lot has stayed the same.  When our family started this journey three years ago, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of loneliness.  I’m not sure I ever felt so alone and so isolated, even if in a room full people, as I did the moment Everlee was diagnosed with dyslexia.  As a teacher, I knew better, as an adult and mother, I knew there was a world full of dyslexic people just staring me in eye.  However, its amazing how you become consumed with feeling of loneliness, like, ugly cry in your closet lonely.  I had to stop and think, “If I feel this way….how does my child feel?”

Over the next month,  I want to focus on different families who all face a life with dyslexia.  A life that is actually quite amazing, rather beautiful, sometimes daunting, but in the end, a world you would never change for a million correctly spelled written words.  I hope you will read our stories, share your story, and know that we are all in this together.  In the end, it’s a “Dyslexia Life…Journey Through.”