Like most parents, I think our worst fear is seeing our children vulnerable, in a position where they feel inadequate and “not good enough”.  It is hard enough to watch when these feelings come from a learning difference, but it especially vicious when your child is made to feel this way because of another child.  A child they consider their friend.

As a parent of a dyslexic I worry about so many things, most people don’t even consider.  I worry when Ev is shuttled between two different schools, when she is pulled out of class for “extra help”, and when she she brings a script home which she needs to memorize.  Yes, a cute little 2nd grade play can send a parent like me into a tail-spin.  Thoughts running through my mind….”can she do this”, “will she be able to read all these lines they assigned to her”, “why do I not have as much faith as her teachers?”  All these thoughts crowd my mind on a daily basis.  I also learned to give my child more credit because she “killed” the lines for the 2nd grade play and memorized them in a short amount time.  I’m just thrilled she read them without assistance.

Last night was especially hard when Ev felt inadequate, less than, and “not smart” because of a comment made by a classmate.  A classmate she has considered a friend.  This happens to all kids regardless of learning style but it still hurts you to the core.  If only we could all focus on our children being compassionate and empathetic and not necessarily the BEST mathematician, the BEST reader, the MOST popular, the cutest, etc.  Ensure first that your child is kind!  Now my child is hurt and my “Mama Bear” feelings are out!  Luckily, Ev is strong and confident enough to know better.  But I sure do want to call that mother up and compare IQ scores. 🙂