Since our Dyslexia Awareness special has aired on WECT, we have received so many kind words, emails, blog followers, and people reaching out for help and guidance.  Asking, what steps did we take, how can we help, what should others do as parents.

In a perfect world, I could solve all the worlds problems, starting with my own, and only choose to focus on what makes me the happiest.  When it comes to Everlee and helping her, I honestly listened to the “experts”.  I listened to her teachers at Cape Fear Academy, I listened when they suggested she get tested, and I listened when The Hill School of Wilmington was recommended.  Honestly, Hill was my last resort, I didn’t want to travel down this path, I didn’t want this burden….for myself.  I soon realized, I wasn’t the one with the burden.  I needed to do everything in my power to make my daughter’s overall life easier and more enjoyable.  I needed to take away the struggle and the anxiety.

So, over The Hill we went.  The Hill School of Wilmington’s  mission is to empower children who have learning differences with the skills needed to become confident, independent learners.  It is a place where they receive a program designed solely around them, where they feel confident being the learners they were designed to be.

Everlee has never been more confident than when she started going over The Hill.  She is thriving, she is loving her new found confidence, and she loves knowing she has two schools with two groups of friends.  Sometimes the road less traveled is the one which will lead you over the hill, the one you were looking for in the end.

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