When I started this “blog” journey a few short weeks ago, I never knew quite where it would take me or even if it would amount to anything.  To be honest, I figured it would be like the other two blogs I started, which still remain on my home computer, un-shared, private, and only for my viewing pleasure.

This blog has been different.  This blog has been my own journey along with my daughter’s.  By sharing her story, opening up about our struggles, and having our voices be heard, we have been blessed with the knowledge of so many other “stories”

Everlee gifted her Dyslexia Awareness bracelets to her second grade class, sharing the symptoms she encounters while being dyslexic.  The class was intrigued and asked so many well-thought-out questions.  The next day, the classmates shared about their own family members who face each day with dyslexia.  It’s someone’s dad, grandfather, brother, cousin, mother, sister.

Dyslexia effects 1 in every 5 people.  Let’s not let our journey, be a journey walked alone.  I love meeting the people I have so far, and hearing their own unique story.  We are all in this together.   Give your story a voice and see where it takes you.