I’m not really sure how I think some days about dyslexia…to be honest, I don’t always think about it.  I feel fortunate that my daughter is dyslexic and not suffering from some terminal illness.  Struggling to read and write won’t kill her, it will frustrate her, and me, but it won’t be the end of the world.  So in the end, I feel truly blessed.

There are days when I feel sad and scared because of how the outside world might treat her.  Everlee is an incredible individual and I don’t want her judged before people have a chance to know her.  I don’t want people to question her intelligence or friends to dismiss her friendship.

I feel aggravated and frustrated when I receive the look of pity or the “I’m glad it isn’t my kid” even from friends.  I hate that I feel the need to justify the reason she is able to attend a college prepatory school ( as if she isn’t capable) and a school for students with dyslexia.  I feel like I am on constantly defending her academic abilities and her IQ regardless of the fact that she excels in math and writing (still can’t spell) and her IQ is well above average.

Everlee is happy, confident, loves soccer, her family, friends, art, and to sing and dance.  She is an average, typical 8 year old little girl who just happens to be dyslexic…..treat her as such.  If Walt Disney can manage his empire while being Dyslexic, I can only begin to imagine what her creative mind with create.