As a parent it is hard to hear your child is struggling, hard to digest there may be a hurdle they will need to climb when it comes to their learning….all I can suggest is, Trust the Teachers….Seriously.  I know and understand this both as a parent and as an educator.  It can seem so easy, lessen the pain, if we dismiss what the teacher is describing..this “dyslexia” thing.  I am sure their, “reading will eventually click”, “they will catch up to their peers”, “they are not really that far behind.”  These are things we say to ourselves in order to avoid what is really staring us in the face.  Our child is dyslexic and they need help.  They don’t need help in 2, 3, 4 years…they need help NOW.
Everlee is fortunate enough to attend a college preparatory school where I also teach 4th grade.  Not only is she surrounded by the top teachers in the state, but these teachers are also my close friends.  They love my children like their own.  I know without a doubt the teachers in Everlee’s life will only recommend what is best for her.
We started discussing Everlee’s learning style when she was 4 1/2….as educators, we are always watching and always assessing each student.  We love our students and we want what is best for all of them.  Trust the Teachers…Seriously.
Dyslexia is usually diagnosed mid-way through first grade around the age of 7.  Since Everlee turned 7 before entering first grade, we decided to have her tested in the summer after Kindergarten.  We wanted to have as many opportunities for intervention as we possibly could.  The earlier a child starts to receive intervention strategies, the better for the child.  What parent wouldn’t want this for their child?  Unfortunately, quite a few parents don’t trust the teachers because they let their egos get in the way. We let what others will think of us and our children influence our decisions.
I know this to be the case because I am both a parent and a teacher. I have been on both sides of the fence.

Would your decision change if no one knew?  Would you help your child the way they needed to be helped if no one ever discovered the truth about their dyslexia?