This year I was asked to set a  yearly goal around the thought, “What would I attempt to do if I knew I could not fail?”.  It sounds quite simple until you sit down and actually start to consider the possibilities: cure cancer, end world hunger, find two candidates for the presidential election, the list goes on and on.

I decided I wanted to set a goal which I knew I could obtain, it was centered around my family, and would benefit my professional teaching career.  I decided after long deliberation ( and eliminating shark diving) that I was eager to become an advocate for my dyslexic daughter, all her friends, her future friends, and those friends she will never meet.

Dyslexia is not a disability, it is a difference.  Dyslexics have a special way of seeing things “YLTNEREFFID”.  I strive to help parents and individuals to understand they can be as confident as our children become confident once they receive the attention and services they need to be successful.

Everlee is my “WHY”. I won’t stop educating until everyone understands just how capable the mind of a dyslexic can be.